After Using the New Chromecast With Google TV for 24 Hours!

Rashid Shobaki
3 min readNov 28, 2020

Let's start with some history to understand how this “Mix of products” by Google came to life.

Google TV's first generation was launched in October 2010 as an innovative TV platform that integrated with the Android operating system and the Google Chrome web browser to give a creative TV experience.

In June 2014, a version of Google TV was announced as Android TV, released the same year in October.

Different versions were released over the years after the first even Android TV until December 10, 2019, when the Android TV 10 was released.

Chromecast was first announced on July 24, 2013, as a small dongle that can play Internet-streamed audio-visual content on a high-definition television with any device that supports the Google Cast technology.

Following that, the Chromecast 2nd generation in September 2015 and the third generation in October 2018.

This year and precisely on September 30, 2020, Google announced the lunch of Chromecast with Google TV as a combination of Chromecast, Google TV, and Android TV. It was the first product line to feature an interactive user interface remote control.

After 24 hours of use!

TV on the go

With Chromecast with Google TV, you have your TV with you on the go; the small size of the Chromecast and remote makes it very easy to pick it up and travel with it anywhere. Handy! Right?

All in one

No need to leave Netflix to open Disney anymore! With the Chromecast with Google TV, you can manage and watch all your content in one place. It has various integrations that bring all your media content to the Google TV home screen! So, with one search, you are searching in all apps, or in one list, you have all your watchlist from everywhere.

Furthermore, if you have a smart TV, you can pair your TV with the Google TV remote to take over the whole TV and rest all the other remotes on the shelf. Awesome! Right?

More than videos!

The Chromecast with Google TV has Google Play built-in, where you can find so many media content apps such as HBO Max, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney, and more. Is that all!?

Nope! You will find apps for other things too! You can learn a language, manage your calendar, listen to music, check your social media, or even play games! Yes, and all you need is a Gamepad. It does have-it-all! Right?

It’s Family

By having the Chromecast with Google TV, you add a new member to the Google family, same as Google Play, Google Assistant, Google Home, Google Drive, Google Photos, Youtube …etc.

With Google Home, you can add the Chromecast, and then with the Google Assistant, you can talk to your Google TV to open your photos from Google Photos, find a video on Youtube, or install a game from Google Play! Very Cool! Right?

Happy pocket

One more thing why you should finish this article and start searching for a Chromecast with Google TV to purchase is its price!

What I’m telling you here is that you can bring life to a regular TV and transform it into a fully smart “Ready for the future” TV by just adding the Chromecast with Google TV! and all that will cost you less than 70 Euros!

After all, this, you should get one. Right?

If YES!?

You can always check the official Google store, or if you live in Germany as I do, you can buy it from Tink, and it's even cheaper ;)

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